Updated 02:23 PM EDT, Tue, Sep 02, 2014

Finger Break-Dancing Takes Over Red Bull Break-Dancing Competition [Video]

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(Photo : YouTube)

Break-dancing is a refined art. It takes an incredibly agile body and a focused mind to be proficient in the back flips and head stands and any other unworldly bodily contortion comprising their routines. It’s not easy. Many have tried, nearly just as many have failed. But now there’s an alternative. For those who can’t defy gravity, a new form a break-dancing, in which anyone can participate, is taking over, and it’s called finger break-dancing. Yes, really.

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During the Red Bull annual break-dancing competition on Friday, the new category, dubbed fingerbreaking, received an unexpected level of attention and excitement. The new dance form even inspired a new type of streetwear that includes mini sneakers that fit your fingers and tiny Adidas tracksuits that slip over the hand and fingers. The event is captured on small-screen smartphones, so for those of you who can’t believe it, check it out for yourself below.

The fingers and hands are apparently just as versatile as the entire human body when it comes to break-dancing. They can perform classic moves such as Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and full-circle spins on the floor. Although it can be difficult to determine which finger is representative of each body part, the performance is surprisingly entertaining and impressive. But don’t take our word for it. Enjoy your first glimpse at a fresh fingerbreaking routine below.

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