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Miriam Martinez is first Latina to run for Texas Governor

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Miriam Martinez
Filing in November, Miriam Martinez became the first Latina to official run for the office of Texas Governor. (Photo : Miriam Martinez Campaign)

The Republican Party has been working overtime to try to make inroads into the Latino community. Female voters are also a priority if the GOP wants to be successful in the future.

There is one candidate who has filed to run against Attorney General Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary race for Texas Governor who simply fits into both categories; Miriam Martinez of Edinburg.

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Martinez hasn't been a looming name in the media circles around the upcoming campaign for governor, a fact she attributes to not having the "war chest" of political luminaries like Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis, but she says she is determined to make her mark on the Texas political scene.

The South Texas resident bills herself as a businesswoman, mother and journalist. She is also an immigrant, having become a citizen in 2010.

"Some may ask, 'Why run for Governor of Texas?' After all, I am NOT a career politician," Martinez says. "That is true. I am a Working Mom. Others may ask, 'Why should people listen to you?' After all, I won't have $30 million or more, like other politicians, to force people to see and hear me on fancy TV commercials and slick campaign mail-outs. That is true. But what I have to say, and what I plan to do for Texas, no amount of money can buy."

Some of Martinez's platform fits squarely within the boundaries of the current mainstream Republican ideology

"I only support abortion if the woman's life is in danger, if she was a victim of rape, or if she was a victim of incest," Martinez said in her kickoff speech. Martinez says also she supports "a strong defense of the 2nd Amendment Right of the People to keep and bear arms from infringement."

In other areas, a line of distinction could be drawn between Martinez and other GOP candidates.

She supports "a State Immigration Reform that makes sense - at no cost to Texas taxpayers - which would benefit our economy, reduce fraud on our social services programs, and keep more Texas families together."

Martinez is also calling for "a statewide vote to allow the legalization of Medical Marijuana, which is used by doctors to help severely ill patients. Medical Marijuana is used to help people suffering terribly from cancer, HIV or AIDs, arthritis, migraines, among other major illnesses. Medical Marijuana is used to reduce pain, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma and movement disorders."

And Martinez wants to see some gambling revenue that is currently going to neighboring states kept here at home.

"Casino-style gaming would create many new jobs, generate millions of dollars in economic development, and keep large amounts of tax revenues in Texas that now go to other states," Martinez said.

Filing on Nov. 9, Martinez became the first Latina to officially run for Texas Governor.

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