Updated 09:52 PM EDT, Wed, Aug 20, 2014
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'Criminal Minds' Season 9 Episode 13 Spoilers: BAU Hunts for a Vigilante Killer in 'The Road Home' [Video]

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Criminal Minds
(Photo : CBS)

"Criminal Minds" returns to CBS Wednesday, Jan. 22 with an all-new episode in which the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) will track down a ruthless vigilante killer.

A preview clip of the upcoming episode entitled "The Road Home" shows the killer knocking on doors and then shooting bad guys. However, the promo focuses only on the plot surrounding this week's killer without teasing what's to come in the storyline between JJ and her relationship with Mateo Cruz.

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Courtesy of CarterMatt, here's a full synopsis of the episode: "While the BAU looks for a vigilante killer on the loose in Cleveland, Rossi is concerned when his former Marine sergeant goes missing and heads to Los Angeles to find him. Also, the secret JJ has been keeping from the team may be catching up with her."

Emmy Award-Nominated Actor Meshach Taylor also returns as Harrison Scott, Rossi's Former Marine Sergeant, notes BroadwayWorld.

"The Road Home" is the final episode before the show airs its 200th episode. In lieu of this milestone, actress A.J. Cook spilled info about her character Jennifer "J.J." Jareau, and her relationship with Reid on the show.

Cook told TVLine that Episode 200 will be an "action-packed doozie... basically a mini action movie." Storyline-wise, she noted that "it's going to explain what JJ was up to when she went away during Season 6, it's going to explain this weird relationship she has with the new section chief (played by Esai Morales), and it will explain the things that have happened in her life that have made her perhaps a little bit tougher than she used to be."

As for the JJ and Reid, Cook said that the new flashbacks are unfurled will provide insight to the main characters. "JJ has a connection through that storyline with everyone, and the writers are brilliant in how they went back and connected all the dots."

The 200th episode is set to air on Feb. 5.

"The Road Home" airs on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014 at 9 p.m. on CBS. Watch a preview below.

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