Updated 06:11 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 20, 2014
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League of Legends News: Free to Play Game Earns $624 Million in 2013

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League of Legends
(Photo : Riot Games)

League of Legends is a widely popular free to play game, and the Riot Games creation has amassed a huge fanbase that play the game both on an amateur level as well as at a professional eSports level. Now, a new report has come out that reveals just how much the game has made in 2013 in comparison to other free to play games.

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Super Data reports that League of Legends was able to make $624 million in earnings, making it the second highest earning free to play game of 2013. While this number is very impressive, League of Legends was far behind the number one game on the list, CrossFire. This game, also published by League of Legends publisher Tencent, pulled in $957 million in 2013. These numbers are certainly impressive and shows how free to play games are able to make a huge amount of revenue despite not charging users a monthly subscription or a fee when the game is downloaded. Instead, many of these games either make money off of advertisements or offering microtransactions to users.

The report also shows that the general sales of digital games in the United States rose in 2013, meaning that gamers are shifting more and more to digital rather than physical media:

"The US digital games market grew 11% in 2013, reaching $11,766 million in sales across all segments, up from $10,582 million a year earlier. With both Christmas and New Year's taking place mid-week, the digital games sector benefitted across the board, allowing it to reach $1.2 billion in aggregate sales in December, up from $862 million last year (+36%)."
With League of Legends being one of the top eSports games internationally and the game having millions of users, it could very well be possible that Riot Games rakes in even more money in 2014 as the game continues to gain Steam. As the MOBA genre in general grows in popularity and games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 grow in reputation 2014 could be the year the genre break into the mainstream. One potential factor that could help League of Legends is the upcoming Steam Machines, which will take the digital distribution platform that the game appears on and put it on a tradition console. This could allow League of Legends and other Steam mainstays to gain a more casual audience and become even more of a phenomenon.

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