Updated 08:36 AM EDT, Thu, Aug 28, 2014
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Xbox One News: Price Cut at UK Retailer Spotted, but Will Discount Come to US?

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Xbox One
(Photo : Microsoft)

The Xbox One is the most expensive console on the market today at $499, and in the United Kingdom fans have to spend even more on the console. At £429, or a little more than $700, United Kingdom gamers have to pay a premium for the console, but now one retailer has cut the price for the Xbox One and could indicate a larger trend for the console internationally.

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First spotted by VideoGamer, retailer Zavvi has the Xbox One at a price of £409, a savings of £20.00 off the suggested retail price for the console. This is huge news for Xbox One fans, as the console has remained scarce in the United Kingdom and desperate gamers have been willing to spend hundreds of pounds over the retail price for the console in order to gain possession of the new machine.

While some gamers may conclude that this will be a universal price drop for the Xbox One, this appears to be more of an isolated decision by one retailer rather than a policy change from Microsoft. After all, the Xbox One has been available for less than six months, so dropping the price this early would not make much sense for Microsoft due to the high demand that exists for the console. Instead, Zavvi is dropping the price for the machine so that they will attract fans to their stores to buy the console now that supply has picked to match the demand for the Xbox One. With retailers worldwide having more access to the Xbox One as well as the rival PlayStation 4 retailers are able to offer special deals to help move units and bring consumers to their particular store.

The Xbox One is available currently in 13 different countries, and Microsoft has reported that the console has sold 3 million units in 2013 despite only being released on Nov. 22. However, the PlayStation 4 from Sony has managed to outsell the Xbox One in 2013, with 4.2 million PlayStation 4 being sold in the same time. At $399 the PlayStation 4 is less expensive than the Xbox One, causing some Xbox One fans to claim that the console could have a price cut sooner rather than later. However, considering that the console is selling by the millions with no indication of slowing down it could be some time before Microsoft cuts the price for the Xbox One.

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