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Floyd Mayweather Jr. More Skilled, But Manny Pacquiao Can Knock Out “Money”, Sugar Shane Mosley Says

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Shane Mosley: Manny Pacquiao Could Give Floyd Mayweather Trouble
Sugar Shane Mosley, right, who was once dominated by Manny Pacquiao believes that the Filipino boxing icon can knockout Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Photo : Reuters)

Sugar Shane Mosley has been in the ring against both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao once in his storied boxing career, and there is no better man to ask who has a distinct advantage if ever the two boxing superstars collide in mega-buck fight.

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In an interview with Solar Sports Desk during the recent visit of Mosley in the Philippines, he admitted that it will be difficult for him to make a prediction on who will win if Mayweather and Pacquiao clash sometime this year or next year.

Boxing legend Mosley pointed out though that Mayweather has an advantage when it comes to boxing skills due to his movement and slickness. But the 42-year-old former champion quickly added that Pacquiao can put Mayweather in trouble with his superb punching power.

Mosley admitted that he struggled to deal with the punching power and unpredictability of Pacquiao during his showdown with the Filipino boxing icon almost three years ago, and he believes that it could be a huge difference-maker in a proposed super fight between Pacqiao and Mayweather.

"Being in the ring with both of them, I really can't tell you who will win. I think Mayweather has the advantage because of his movement and slickness. That might give Manny problems," Mosley said. "But when I was in the ring with Manny, his power is unpredictable. You can't measure how hard he is hitting until you actually get in the ring with him. That can be a difference to. It's a fight that could go either way."

Mosley boasted that he rocked Mayweather during their 12-round showdown in May 2010 before the reigning pound-for-pound king recovered, then dominated the entire fight.

A powerful punch from Pacquiao could be too much to handle for Mayweather, which could eventually lead to a knockout win for the 35-year-old Filipino boxer, Mosley added.

Mayweather was staggered in the second round of his fight against Mosley, but it was not enough for Mosley to score a monumental upset as the Grand Rapids native Mayweather cruised to a unanimous decision win.

 "I rocked Mayweather second round, maybe Manny rocks him, maybe he doesn't get out of that, you know, you'll never know. Manny can catch him with a good left hand. He can go down and it could be a different fight," said Mosley, who also absorbed a one-sided decision loss to Pacquiao in May 2011.

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